What we do
and how
we do it

Lean Management

The power of LEAN management for Yotrio as a sustainable approach to the way we run our business is found in the reliance it places on Active Listening: actively listening to you, our customers, actively listening to our valued and trusted employees, our vendors, and members of the many communities around the world that we call “home.” The key principle of LEAN management ~ the true linchpin ~ emphasize that we must continuously “Go To the Gemba,” that is, go to the Customer, go to the factory floor, go to the Marketplace ... to question and actively listen, to remain always “teachable“ about how we might do things better.

While others measure their growth on various metrics of “productivity,” Yotrio ALSO wants to know: “How effectively and efficiently are we serving our customers what they want, when they want it? How well are we anticipating ways we might serve them better?”


  • Unique patented frame-bending system.
  • Accepts symmetrical and asymmetrical tubes and profiles.
  • Accepts various radii with no tool change. Saves time, minimizes waste.
  • No idle travel of the piece in the mandrel = shortened cycle times.

Mesh Production

You’ve probably heard of the saying in our industry, that „the true test of any outdoor leisure furniture manufacturer is the quality of its mesh production.“

We’re delighted to let the quality of Yotrio’s mesh production work speak for itself except to say a word about our CNC operated stretch wire mesh machine. It is as skillful as the Yotrio workers who use it to produce our exclusive, the key to the smart good looks and rugged durability of Yotrio‘s top quality mesh outdoor furniture.


In autumn 2012 Yotrio has acquired a leading machine manufacturer specializing in consulting and building of machines for Lean production factories. This is the next step in improving our existing Lean set-up and a vital foundation in the transformation of our old factories.

We are now able to fully automate the production of complete chairs or parts thereof. Process steps such as welding, bending polishing can now be handled by one person. In the past these steps required 7 skilled workers.



From the first time someone left a metal chair outside, there has been a need for furniture protection!

Our “Power-Powder” Coatings are the result of Yotrio’s relentless search for “a better way.” While others are content with “good enough,” we’re developing innovative formulations and techniques that continually raise the bar.

“Good enough” is NEVER good enough for our Customers.



We may be relentless about striving for continual improvement throughout our organization, ready to adopt new technologies if that will help us serve our customers better … but we also recognize when to leave well enough alone. That is certainly the case with our weavers.

Truly, these Yotrio Team Members are artists, gifted artisans who have perfected their craft over decades. The quality of their workmanship in our 100% handmade wicker furniture is immediately recognizable. These pieces are a joy to behold as the singular works of art they are, made all the more appealing by the comfort you experience the instant you sit in one.

Of course Yotrio offers you a choice in our wicker line: Enjoy all-wicker construction, or, select from our steel or aluminum styles that have just the right added wicker touches. Either way you can take pride in offering your customers the finest contemporary leisure furniture, warmed by the skilled hands of these master weavers.